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Mr. Manchette


Mr. Manchette is a Belgian brand of ecological and fair men’s shirts which can be worn both in a casual or formal setting. As most people buy what appeals to them, Mr. Manchette pays special attention to the finishing and design of its shirts. This way, we believe choosing a fair shirt becomes easier.

To express his respect for people and the environment Mr. Manchette chooses to use organic cotton and tencel fabrics which are soft for your skin. For the production he chooses a workshop where people earn fair wages and have good working conditions.

Karel, Wouter, Klaas and Hans are the 4 fits making the collection of the Belgian brand Mr. Manchette. The shirts are soft for your skin and mind as they are made chemical and pesticide free and produced in good working conditions, giving the makers fair wages. The unique prints and finishing details make the gentlemen wearing them stand out. Uncuff your style, open your mind to fair fashion.