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Flanders DC, OVAM and Circular Flanders offer tools to guide fashion entrepreneurs through the basics of a more sustainable way of working. The online platform ‘Close The Loop’ gives hands on tips & tricks through all the phases of the life cycle and shows best practices. With the Ecolizer at the other hand, you can measure the environmental impact of your products.

With professional and student awards we laurel designers that have a positive impact on the economy and society from a design and solution point of view.

Last winner of the Henry van de Velde Awards in the category ‘Ecodesign’ was the ‘The Post-Couture Collective’. This initiative offers an alternative to today’s fashion system. The clothing is designed on the principles of open source. They were developed for production on a laser cutter and assembled by the end user. Student Laure Herweyers won our student award this year with ‘Fibio’. Fibio is an external filter for washing machines that stops as much as 97 percent of the microplastic fibers.